Works in Progress

Half the fun of creating blow-your-doors-off animation is in all the crazy-fun twists and turns we take getting there. Here we’ll share various tidbits we’ve crafted along the journey to a finished product—sometimes the stuff on the proverbial cutting room floor is a blast in its own right.

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“Wake the Hell Up” Intro Draft

Draft intro for a "Wake the Hell Up!" ad campaign.

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Flaming Logo Draft

Working out the details of a flaming logo special visual effect.

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Wakely Facial Morphs Test

Facial animation tests for the Wakely character.

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Motion Capture Proof of Concept

The "Kingsley Strut." A rough but effective experiment in using motion capture data on an existing model.

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Crumble Test

Proof of concept of a special effect to be used in a construction video.

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Tornado Effect

Some scratch work created while putting together a tornado effect for a local indie film maker.

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