DAVID STUCKENBERG, Chairman, American Leadership & Policy Foundation

  • December 7, 2016

Mark Dyson is Founder of Spinland Studios LLC and Creative Director at the American Leadership & Policy Foundation, a national non-profit civic research foundation. I’ve known and worked closely with Mark in both of these roles.

At every turn, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with such excellence. In November 2016, I had several time sensitive projects requiring an immediate turn. One project, a 3D graphic for FOX News and a US Congressional hearing, was polished and turned in under 24 hours! Having worked with artists and creators as a former agent in the art world, I have yet to encounter talent like Mark’s.

While he is a world-class creator, his intelligence, work ethic, focus, leadership, and ability to garner the kernel of what clients need is unmatched. Simply put, Dyson delivers world-class creations without the hassle often associated with working with creators.

His military and civic leadership background coupled with his talent make him more than just an expert; Mark is a creative leader. I look forward to working with him both as a leader and business owner on many future projects. It is a privilege for me to recommend him!

– DAVID STUCKENBERG, Chairman, American Leadership & Policy Foundation

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