Film VFX

Special Visual Effects, or VFX for short, are everywhere films are being made. We’re all familiar with Big Booms, space battles, explosions and pyrotechnics, dragons and other fantasy creatures (and we can create all the above), but what about the VFX you don’t even know are there? The stuff that if you see it’s been done wrong?

We do Boom, and we can burn stuff up and make things go all ‘splodey with the best of ’em, but we also handle the unsexy bread and butter jobs: moving object and crew removal, green screen compositing, adding crowds, muzzle flashes and bullet hits—if it’s VFX odds are we can do it for you.

Please check out the latest feature film we’re working on, 27 Matches! It’s an uncompromizing (and sometimes disturbing) exposé of the sex trafficking industry in the US, set in Utica, NY. Spinland Studios is proud to be the VFX studio for the production.

Contact the Studio right now and let’s talk about how to kick your new film project into another level for a tiny fraction of what “those guys” will charge you!

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