Commercial Animation

The world is teeming with life; shouldn’t your company’s image be, too?

You don’t have to be a gazillionaire to be able to afford premium quality animated content for advertising your business. In most cases we’re less than a tenth of what the Graphic Arts Guild says we should be charging for this stuff (shhhhhhhh…don’t tell ’em). We’re going to help you tell a story about your product or service that’s memorable, engaging, and just plain fun—and we’re not going to charge you a Hollywood (or New York City) price.

We work with all media, from broadcast television to Facebook to blogs (and everywhere in between). We can do custom (royalty-free) musical soundtracks, voiceovers, and we’ll even help you get your shiny new story online.

Not ready to go for the full enchilada? Check out our Animated Vignettes, or just get yourself a Custom 3D Character to use in some killer static digital or print ads (we can always animate it later). You can even test the waters with an affordable Animated Logo based on your existing one.

Contact the Studio right now and let’s get your company’s image out there where the Big Dogs play!

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