Business Rants

Creative professional? They need you more than you need them.

  • August 31, 2017

Here’s a little bit of a rant. Please indulge me.

On a group page (which shall go un-named) for 3D modeling and animation professionals someone just posted they’re seeking someone to collaborate on a “large” project. No other details except if you’re interested message them and they’ll start you on a two minute long project as an audition.

Two minute project. On spec. Presumably all animated. Do you have any idea how much time that would take, how much that would cost someone if they hired me to create it?

Apparently the poster doesn’t, or doesn’t care. Apparently skilled, talented creative professionals have to produce the equivalent of a month’s income in order even to be considered for a “large” project. Never mind the poster has presented no credentials, no evidence they’re even worth five minutes of my time; no evidence of funding, no budget, not even a screenplay for me to review.

This cavalier attitude toward people in my position is despicable. As I wrote and pointed out to this…person: we are screening you. What makes you worth my time? What credentials do you bring to the table in order to earn even a preliminary meeting with me? Why should I be interested in your “large” project?

Unless and until we creative professionals recognize and internalize we are in control, we are in the driver’s seat, the producers out there need us and not the other way around, slime-trail-leaving worms like this person will continue to think it’s okay to act in this way.


Okay, I’m better now.

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