Holiday Rants

There is no “Happy” in Memorial Day

  • May 30, 2016

On this solemn day I wish to share these wise words from my son, who is currently serving.

To everyone who would usually wish me a happy Memorial Day:

Today is not about me, it is about those service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer with us to celebrate their accomplishments on our behalf. I am not dead (hopefully) so I am not in the same category as those deserving your thoughts and prayers today.

Veteran’s Day is the holiday that I would be a part of alongside everyone who is either serving now or has served.

Please remember what today is ACTUALLY about, because I know I will be thinking about my family member who died in the desert as well as all of our brothers-in-arms who paid that ultimate price throughout the history of our nation.

I believe that’s a wrap. Be well.

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