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Fun 3D Gargoyle Project

  • January 25, 2016

Keepin’ things real.

You know what they say about all work and no play!

My next-door neighbors own the Utica Coffee Roasting Company, a most amazing local coffee shop (they roast their own blends, as you might have guessed, and they use only top shelf beans they purchase from all over the world) that could hold its head high in NYC or Boston; on a shelf there you can find a really cool gargoyle statue keeping an eye on the place (see above).

I’ve long wanted to have a play modeling and rigging something similar but only recently has work allowed the time. After a weekend of experimenting (and messing around until I was happy with a design) the primary build is done (barring any needed tweaks after rigging and deformation tests, because no model ever survives first contact with a rig).

Here’s an image showing the “wireframe” construction of the completed model:

gargoyle wireframe

Struttin’ his stuff

And here’s a quick turntable test for examining the model under typical lighting conditions from various angles:

The model’s metallic texture is inspired by the somewhat rough silvered finish of the statue (otherwise I would probably have gone with some sort of rock surface). Next step is adding the facial morphs and then I do the rigging. Once he’s done I plan to use him in some fun little animated shorts.

And that’s the scoop. Make a point of heading down to Utica’s historic Bagg’s Square to see the statue in person and have a cup of the best coffee in the Mohawk Valley. Tell Frank and Heather hello from Spinny!

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