Business Rants

A Buzzword-Laden Musing on the “New Economy”

  • December 23, 2015


I’ve had an interesting long-term gig that doesn’t pay top dollar (far from it) but can be rather satisfying.

See, a major pillar of my business model is teaming up ad hoc with other solopreneurs to synergize (oooh, lookit at me using buzzwords like a big girl!) our respective skill sets to tackle clients’ pain points (oh, oh, I’m getting excited here) and deliver an effective product without needing to form a long-term company for that specific offering. Agile, baby (I might need to lie down soon)!

One such collaborator is a kick ass designer but her coding skills aren’t her forte. I’ve been doing coaching and mentoring as I help her through the trickier aspects of coding some of the more fun web gadgets and capabilities. She’s creating the site, I’m just advising and offering assistance on the rough patches as well as some guidance in what might be the best solution for what she wants to do in various areas of the site.

I like this kind of collaborative work, and we’re also ironing out a combined workflow that we intend to leverage (gasp! My heart just went a-flutter again) with an eye to teaming up on future site design/builds for external clients. That opportunity going forward is a large part of why my pricing for this gig isn’t at the high end of my scale.

This sort of ad hoc teamwork is the future of our economy, and why people such as we are driving it right now. We can adapt and meet a rapidly-changing problem space without being hampered and hobbled by bureaucracy.

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