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Explainer Videos: Show, Don’t Tell

  • December 4, 2015

Road crew hard at work

Road crew hard at work

It’s a timeworn saying from Creative Writing 101: “Show, don’t tell.” Invoke the senses of your reader through vivid phrasing rather than simply serving up exposition. People who craft ad copy need to be especially sensitive to the need for creating clear and compelling product images in the minds of their readers.

Well, what if you could side-step prose altogether and literally show them what you’re trying to describe? Sort of finesses the whole issue, doesn’t it? I’ll see your maxim and raise you another:

“One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

That’s where we come in. Your product can be extremely large and/or complex—it doesn’t even have to exist yet! Through the power and magic of CGI there are few limits to your ability to present your audience (or prospective customer) with a high-quality view (from any desired angles) of exactly what you’re offering. By adding animation you can even show it in action and present real-world use cases.

I’ll provide a case study for just how effective using animation to visualize your product can be. We were recently approached by the Fort Miller Company to create an explainer video for their Super Slab product. Now, consider this: just one small Super Slab weighs in the neighborhood of two tons and is six feet across. Yeah, just try taking one of those to a trade show or sales call. Even if you could take a prospective customer to an existing installation they’d only see the road surface unless there were actual infrastructure repair going on. You could fly them to your manufacturing facility, but why not let them see the product as it’s actually intended to be used? Enter 3D modeling and animation.

After extensive consultation with their engineering staff we worked out the physical details of what they wanted to show, and together we crafted a storyline to highlight the existing problems their product is designed to address. Here is the final result:

The client was so pleased with the video they decided to add a second, shorter one offering a close-up view of the slab extraction and replacement process and highlighting their patented Super Dowel product which makes the whole system such a time and cost saver. Here is the final version of that second explainer video:

Although we could easily have provided both voiceover and musical background services the client in this case opted against any sound, preferring to have their representatives talk to the action as it unfolds.

And there you have it: their staff can show these videos at expos, trade shows, sales calls—wherever. They are in HD and look great either on a tablet or laptop or even projected onto a large screen. Easily carried, brief, visually appealing and engaging, and clearly gets the point across.

How can we bring your product to life? Send us a quick message and let’s talk about it!

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