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A Buzzword-Laden Musing on the “New Economy”

  • December 23, 2015

I've had an interesting long-term gig that doesn't pay top dollar (far from it) but can be rather satisfying. See, a major pillar of my business model is teaming up ad hoc with other solopreneurs to synergize (oooh, lookit at me using buzzwords like a big girl!) our respective skill sets to tackle clients' pain points (oh, oh, I'm getting excited here) and deliver an effective product without needing to form a long-term company for that specific offering. Agile, baby (I might need to lie down soon)! One such collaborator is a kick ass designer but her coding skills aren't her forte. I've been...

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Explainer Videos: Show, Don’t Tell

  • December 4, 2015

// ViewContent // Track key page views (ex: product page, landing page or article) fbq('track', 'ViewContent'); It's a timeworn saying from Creative Writing 101: "Show, don't tell." Invoke the senses of your reader through vivid phrasing rather than simply serving up exposition. People who craft ad copy need to be especially sensitive to the need for creating clear and compelling product images in the minds of their readers. Well, what if you could side-step prose altogether and literally show them what you're trying to describe? Sort of finesses the whole issue, doesn't it? I'll see your...

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