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Sure, you have a brand image—but is it doing anything?

  • November 19, 2015

Schultz & Dooley doing a song and dance routine

These guys are having way too much fun.

So, your business already has a logo? Maybe even a mascot or associated character? That is most cool, indeed—but are they doing anything? Does your logo fly and dance? Do your brand’s characters move, speak, and engage your audience to tell your story?

Well, that’s where we come in.

Here’s a fun little case study for your entertainment and edification. In the 1950s the F. X. Matt Brewing Company got it: Schultz & Dooley (as puppets) were the stars of several video commercials that touted the Utica Club brand. That was then, when physical puppets were the norm. Now, with the power and magic of CGI your characters can do…well, pretty much anything. These guys are now bobbing and weaving and acting alive in a way rigid puppets could never achieve—and at surprisingly affordable rates.

You want another example? Oh, man, do we ever have more for you to see! Let’s look at another brand from the Utica area: the Nail Creek Pub & Brewery. The owner is not only a razor-sharp businessman, he’s a fun guy to have a beer with. One of the regulars is a talented local artist who came up the the Pub’s signature “Kingsley” character. Here he is as the linchpin of the brand’s logo:

Nail Creek logo

Pretty cool, no? Well, let’s have some fun with this guy! Here’s the same logo, brought to life via CGI animation:

You didn’t think he popped up out of that creek with a full, undiluted beer, did you? This animation is just scratching the proverbial surface: if you can imagine it we can, well, image it. Hey, see what I did there? Heh.

If you’re not sure how and where you could use such an animated treatment we have your back. Our products not only end up as TV commercials, we can help you get them onto YouTube and then seamlessly (and responsively) integrated into your web site or Facebook page. We’re also web coding savvy and can cook you up a great custom YouTube viewer that is a perfect fit for any web page you might want to use.

How can we rocket your brand right past the bleeding edge and into the fun place where magic happens? Contact us and let the fun begin!

Spinland Studios, LLC is a high-tech branding and marketing studio in the Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York. We leverage the power and magic of 3D modeling and animation to take your company’s image places you can only imagine. Defy conventional marketing and bring your brand to life! Visit for more information and examples—then hire us to boost your company’s marketing image into the 21st century!

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