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Spinland Workstation Upgrade

  • October 22, 2015

New doin's at Spinland! Got the new monitor installed this morning! Now my (formerly) main 27" Apple display is the secondary to replace that dinky 20" one that was not even close to what I needed for what I do. Making room for decently-sized monitors was the main driving force behind my losing the hutch from my desk. I went with a 32" Dell because Apple is way behind the power curve right now in monitor tech. I get why: they are holding out for releasing new 5K displays, they are all in with Thunderbolt to feed them, and Thunderbolt 1.0 can't handle the needed bandwidth. When the newer Thunderbolt...

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Welcome to the Glamorous Life of the Solopreneur.

  • October 14, 2015

First things first: this is not a whine (or a whinge). I love what I do, I love my current situation, I have not once had second thoughts about quitting my "day job" and starting my own business, and I am happy. I am also a realist and, as someone who has gone through the process of transitioning from an employee to a solopreneur, maybe now and then my insights could be useful to others contemplating taking the same road. So, this is just a little glimpse into one potentially negative aspect of the lifestyle of being self employed and calling your own shots: cash flow stress. When you're an employee,...

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