Artsy Rants

Theme Song for 3D Computer Artists

  • September 29, 2015

Steve Martin wrote our theme song several years ago. Here’s the transcript:

Here we go. [plays a steady rhythmic riff] Hey, this guy’s good. [sings] “Well, I’m renderin’, renderin’ ’round, I’m a renderin’ guy, I’m renderin’, oh, yes, oh, yes!” [whistles poorly, shrugs, speaks] Free to get in. [sings] “I’m a renderin’ guy – R-E-N-D-E-R-I-N apostrophe, oh yes, I’m renderin’ — renderin’ to New York City, N-Y-C! Rent a car, get a hotel, for only two hundred dollars a day. Oh, yes.” [speaks] Okay, everybody! “I’m a ren-” Come on! Sing with me! Come on, have some fun, come on! “renderin’ …” Are you people uptight or somethin’? You can’t sing along-? Oh, I forgot… New York. [applause, keeps playing] Okay! All right, ladies only! “Oh, look! A renderin’ guy!” Come on! Okay, this half of the room! Beautiful! Now this half! Good, good! All right, two fifths! Now, three-fifths! Good. Seven-ninths! Two-ninths. All right, in Chinese now! [sings Chinese gibberish, then sings in English:] “Well, I’m renderin’, renderin’, renderin’, renderin’, renderin’, renderin’, renderin’, renderin’! Ren! Ah! DRINNNN!” [suddenly launches into a long, snappy, complex banjo instrumental, smiles and raises eyebrows at audience, stops, takes a fake arrow-through-the-head prop from the stool and puts it on] I like to keep the laughs rolling even while I’m playing. [finishes banjo tune triumphantly] Heyyyy! [applause]

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