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Sample Stills from Civil Engineering Video I’m Working On

  • August 21, 2015

My current gig is creating a 2-minute explainer video for a civil engineering company to present at trade shows and to potential customers. The current situation in road construction results in intersections being torn up to get at the underlying infrastructure (water pipes, sewer lines, and so on) followed by an often-poor patch job that markedly degrades the drivability of the road surface. Over time things get progressively worse. My client’s product is designed to replace current construction methods in a way that eliminates that problem. I’ll give them a shout out and a link to the product when the video is done.

In the meantime, here are some sample stills from the first three segments of the video. This portion is designed to dramatize the current methods used and to underscore why they’re a problem.

In this first segment the camera swoops in showing a typical busy urban intersection. Cars are zipping back and forth, and the potholes and patches from various excavations are easily visible.

image of busy intersection

A busy (and bumpy) intersection in the Big City

The next segment is a close-up of cars bouncing and jouncing over potholes and poorly-made patches from utilities excavations. The cyclist has an especially rough time.

cyclist approaching a pothole

Cyclist about to have a bad pothole day

The final segment of the intro sequence dramatizes a new excavation to reach a burst water main, followed by the application of yet another poorly-made patch further degrading the road surface.

hole dug in road exposing pipes

New water main excavation about to become yet another crappy patch job

The full versions of these segments are still rendering as I type this. Pending client acceptance of these versions I’ll compile the intro portion of the actual video and post it up later.

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