Business Rants

Why Networking and Marketing Your Business are Critical

  • July 15, 2015


This evening I had the distinct pleasure of attending another Business after Hours conducted by the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce. These events are great because on one hand they bring together hordes of local business people who by their very presence are open to being approached with a pitch, and on the other the venue is always relaxed, social and informal (and invariably wonderfully catered).

This time around was typically fruitful and fun: I engaged several people in a position to do future business with me, and was rewarded with universally positive feedback and interest in my product. A couple of delicious locally-brewed Saranacs certainly did not hurt! The evening also delivered an experience which opened my eyes and prompted this post. Let me share….

I was chatting up the owner and founder of one of the cooler business start-up success stories in the area. I approached him with a half-jesting idea for an animated project to promote his business process, and that led to my opening to show him some of my sample work. While we looked it over he mused aloud about an animated sequence he’d been wanting for some time, but couldn’t find anyone local able to make it happen.

Um, hello? This is me waving my hand and jumping up and down making Horshack noises. I could meet his needs practically in my sleep. How long have I been running this Studio, getting in the newspaper, buying radio time, haunting social media and networking my figurative buns off? And yet here was vibrant evidence of just how far my marketing message still needs to travel. I’ve only been doing these events for, what? Three years now? Only now did I reach this top quality prospect.

You can’t skimp on this, people. There’s a strong opposing current of inertia your marketing and networking program has to fight; if you let up even a little it will sweep you back closer to the obscurity from whence you came. No one cares what you can do for them if they don’t know about it.

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