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More Animated Logo Fun

  • July 8, 2015

I often joke that animated logos are the “gateway drug” for my Studio. It’s one of the most affordable services I offer, and it’s easy for prospective clients to see how animation can punch up their brand as they enjoy watching their logo fly, dance, and generally do crazy fun stuff. I can create them as an animated GIF file that goes on your web site exactly like any other image, or as a video complete with sound effects and a royalty-free musical soundtrack—heck, if you want, I can do it both ways! Once the primary 3D modeling and animation is complete creating the final product in various formats is comparatively straightforward.

I recently completed two more animations based on local brands and—lucky you—I’m going to share them here. As always, please visit the related page on my main web site to see a wider selection of the cool logo animations I’ve created.

This first sample is one of the more elaborate pieces I’ve done. Everything in this video is created in CGI, from the clouds to the horizon to the animated water. Special thanks to the art staff of the F.X. Matt Brewery for supplying the Illustrator files for their re-designed logo so I could create this using the most current version. I can always recreate vector logos from bitmapped images but having access to the original vector art makes my job a boat load easier. At a full 15 seconds this is also one of the longest logo animations I’ve done.

The next animation is much less involved, as it’s based around the simpler logo for Romanelli Communications. I decided to go with a more minimalist approach, and everything happens in just 5 seconds. I also cranked up the fun meter a bit because I like fun.

For this one I also made an animated GIF version. What it lacks in sound it makes up in ease of use on web sites as well as being able to loop the action indefinitely. This particular image, at 512 pixels, is just over 1.5MB which is a bit heavy for a web page as a rule. At 256 pixels, probably still somewhat large for a web page logo, it’s just over 400KB.


And there you have it. More to come!

Bonus content! Here’s a peek behind the scenes of creating the Saranac animation. This is a screen shot of the Lightwave3D scene file.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.18.56 PM

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