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Welcome to the Nail Creek Beer Club!

  • June 3, 2015

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If you’ve gone to the Nail Creek Pub & Brewery a few times you’ve probably heard of (the owner) Chris Talgo’s version of a “Beer Club.” In general, as these things tend to work, as you have various brews at the pub you record them via some logging system. When you reach a certain number (in Nail Creek’s case it’s 100) you’re rewarded in various ways for your patronage.

Nail Creek’s beer logging system has been, in all honesty, a mess. It consists of a large binder stuffed to the gills with a gazillion sheets of loose leaf paper. Good luck finding your particular sheet before it’s time for another round! Some time back Chris and I talked about automating that process so it’d be not only way cooler but loads more convenient to use. His vision was a data-driven graphical user interface you could interact with using a touch screen.

Hmm. Sounds like an app, doesn’t it?

Well, I personally don’t do traditional “mobile apps.” I do web-based data visualization and interactive display interfaces, and my customers are usually government, military or related businesses. No problem! Chris’s needs were right in my wheelhouse, and I’m already long since equipped with stable and secure hosting platforms. No need for an app download, conforming to various “app store” requirements, or trying to support multiple operating system versions. We recently pulled the proverbial trigger to make a web-app-based modernized logging system a reality.

The fruits of our collaboration are now currently in open beta and Nail Creek enthusiasts are encouraged to check it out and have some fun. Eventually the system will be locked down so you have to be in Nail Creek in order to log a beer, but for now you are on the honor system. The interface is designed for mobile touch screens but will work well on a computer (though, unless you’re bringing a laptop into the pub, what are you doing logging beers on a computer, hmm?). We also recognize there will be an intensive ramping-up period while patrons begin transferring their old data into the new system, and you are encouraged to do so. Eventually built-in safeguards will trigger an alert if someone appears to be entering too many events in a short period of time but that’s turned off for now.

There is no password. Again, we are treating patrons like adults so all you need is your unique user ID (created when you set up an account) to get in. Play nice, please.

As part of the next phase Chris plans to install tablets at various points in the pub so patrons can use them instead of their phones if desired.

Here is the link:

You can save it to your mobile’s home page (the system will auto-generate a nice Nail Creek icon just like an app; the method varies according to your browser and operating system. On most iOS and Android systems you’ll get a nice little prompt to help). We welcome user comments and feedback. Please respond here in comments, send via the Spinland Studios contact form, or send a tweet to @nailcreek.

If you own or manage a bar or pub and think something like this could work for you, please contact me so we can talk about it.


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