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Please Tell Me: What, Exactly, is Your Vision for Utica’s Renaissance?

  • June 1, 2015


This is another outbreak of my simmering annoyance at the attitude of so many Uticans.

There seems to be an unspoken agreement that Utica needs to “get better.” To grow, to become more prosperous, et cetera. Yet, when events are set into motion designed to move toward that very goal, I see many Uticans complaining.

  • The proposed new housing is too expensive.
  • The anticipated new jobs are out of reach of locals.

Give me an effing break. Then, pray tell, educate me as to exactly what do you expect to happen as part of that target growth? Did you expect that the Job Fairy would bring lots of well-paying opportunity that you could take advantage of with your current skill set? No, that’s not how it works. You grow the economy of an area by raising the level of qualifications the people living there can provide, by raising the value added to the general economy by that community. No one is going to hand you a plum job unless you have put in the work to make yourself worthy of it.

Gone are the days where you could muddle through High School and still fall into a job that pays The American Dream. The skill sets needed to survive—much less prosper—in today’s economy are specialized and require diligence to acquire. If you aren’t willing (or capable) of measuring up to the standards that qualify you for a well-paying job then you don’t deserve such a job. It’s that simple. To reiterate: there’s no Job Fairy who’s going to hand you a plum position you’re not qualified for, and (if you’re thinking along those lines) the skill set needed to qualify for the kind of job to support a “middle class” lifestyle is most likely on a higher level than you can currently command. You need to get off your butt and make yourself more valuable.

If you want Utica to grow and prosper, the people living here are going to have to expand their value by rising to the challenge—or they will be replaced by those who can and will. Adapt or perish. Life owes you nothing you don’t go out and earn. You “deserve” nothing. If your level of effort and/or ability is lacking then so will be your lifestyle. Get used to it or build yourself out of it.

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