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Spinland Animations: Two More Logos

  • May 25, 2015


Bringing a client’s logo to life by crafting an animated version is one of the many services Spinland Studios offers, and one of the most affordable. I prefer having access to an original logo file in vector format, preferable Adobe Illustrator, but not having that has never been a problem. I can work from a static logo image just as well.

Here are a couple of examples of my latest creations based on existing logos. As ever, I work with a combination of Lightwave 3D, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop Extended. For logo animations with sound, intended for video, I also employ SonicFire Pro and Adobe Premiere.

This first piece is based on the banner logo from the website for Upstate Venture Connect.


The second piece is also based on a banner logo from a website, this time Syracuse First.


In every case the goal is to finish on an exact representation of the original static logo, and to hold that for at least a couple of seconds before the animation repeats.

Since these files are animated GIFs they can be inserted into any website, just like any other image, and I employ several tricks to keep the file size reasonable. The video versions with sound can also be inserted, but need to be displayed by a video player. HTML5 allows for native video hosting and display but the format wars are alive and well right now so conventional wisdom dictates you host your video through a service like YouTube or Vimeo and leverage their players.

On the YouTube side I’m well versed in the Google API and can create a custom video player interface that’s fully responsive, fits seamlessly into your page, and ends the video on whatever frame you prefer (instead of on the related videos screen or plain black frame of the default player).

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