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Spinland Animation: New 3D Animated Logo

  • April 11, 2015

As my business associate and I were working on the look and feel of the new Spinland Studios logo we brainstormed a little about what kind of fun things we could make the elements do. One of the key notions we decided an animation should try to get across was the idea that “being flat” was too limited—and then dramatize the value added in adding that third dimension to a company’s branding.

From there we thought about flat things, and spinning (Spinland, after all) and the generally round shape of the logo’s double helix element gave rise to the idea for a coin metaphor. What happens when a (mostly flat) coin stops spinning? It falls over, of course!

With that concept as a framework the story line pretty much wrote itself. One requirement for this sequence was to keep it as short as possible while still telling the story, because a downsized version of the animation became an animated GIF and one of the tiles of our new web site’s custom-built interactive animated cover flow. The GIF version weighs in at 10 seconds while I allowed this full video version to run for 12.

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