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Spinland Static Art: Wino Dino

  • March 21, 2015

Okay, this is going to come close to pegging the silly meter, but indulge me—plus, as an added bonus, there are no dragons involved!

Once upon a time I was walking through a somewhat less-than-upscale area, and I started paying attention to some of the various down-and-out people scattered about the landscape. I also noticed how others, the “regular folks,” were studiously tuning them out.

That got me thinking: if you were going to hide in plain sight would adopting the appearance of someone folks would rather ignore be the perfect disguise? Are extraterrestrials really among us, clutching their bottle of Mad Dog in a paper bag, hat pulled low with a cardboard sign and a cup of donated change by their feet? What about the dinosaurs? Where did they really go?

From there this image practically created itself:

Wino Dino

Could they just be blending in?

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