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Tribute to Some Utica Icons: Schultz & Dooley

  • March 12, 2015

One of the things I will never apologize for is being a beer snob. When I’m at a bar or restaurant and I ask them what beers they have on tap, I mentally blank out as they go over the usual crap such as Bud, Bud Light, Coors, Miller, and any other related inferior “fizzy yellow p*ss water” in which I have no interest. Sometimes I actually ask the server to pare the list down to “real” beers. Okay, yes: I am That Guy. Again, I don’t apologize. Life is too short to tolerate crap beer.

My snobbery was only increased by my time spent living in Germany. I was an enthusiastic supporter of the Rheinheitsgebot, or “purity laws,” that dictated beer could only be made from combinations of the basic four ingredients: barley, malt, hops, and water. I lived in a small town near Winnweiler, the home of the Bischoff brewery, and the product of that fine establishment was everything I could ask for in a well-crafted beer.

Set the time machine to my return to America, and then to my being stationed in the Mohawk Valley. To say my interest in the Matt Brewery (the local source of craft brew run by people who had studied their craft in Germany) was acute would be to say that the Sun is “kinda warm.” I came here many years too late to have seen the commercials featuring the spokesmodels for Utica Club, Schultz & Dooley, but the very first time I saw those old commercials I thought, “those guys need to be upgraded to modern CGI.”

That was all the excuse I needed to gin up some 3D models of those old stein puppets and then to make a fun animated tribute to commemorate their timeless message. I was doubly fortunate in having a good relationship with the owner of my favorite brew pub (which is practically next door to the brewery), Nail Creek Pub & Brewery. The owner, Chris Talgo, was more than happy to let me take a pile of photographs of his main bar so I could model it in 3D to form the stage for my little tribute. Further, the staff of the Matt Brewery was extremely helpful in providing me with some needed graphic support—especially the distinctive and elaborate markings for the Schultz character.

And there you have it. Quality local craft brew, and my 3D modeling and animation skills with which to pay tribute to our local treasure. I hope you like it.

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