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Spinland Static Art: Pest Control

  • March 7, 2015

Okay: here we go with Yet Another Dragon Theme. I won’t apologize, nope!

This is one of my earliest fantasy pieces, but I’ve still always liked it. The idea germinated while doing some basement cleaning, as I amused myself wondering what kind of junk you would find in the basement of an old castle. As is the case with almost all of my static art, for part of the storytelling aspect I have a tongue-in-cheek caption to go along with the similarly-goofy title:

“Honey, is that basement cleaned out yet?”

Pest Control

This was rendered at a much smaller resolution than my later work, as befits the much-less-powerful equipment I had at my disposal at the time. It also marks some of my earliest attempts at heightening dramatic effect through selective lighting and vignette-style post processing filters. I believe my son (now 26 and serving in the USAF) still has the hard copy version I printed for him.

Hope you like it. Please leave comments and critiques below, feel free to share this post around using the easy-peasy button below, and go visit my website at to see some of my animated work.

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