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Spinny’s Mini Book Review: The “Arisen” Series

  • March 3, 2015

Spinny’s mini-review of my current guilty pleasure reading. The series is called “Arisen” and it’s in the Zombie Apocalypse (or, as the books call it, the Zulu Alpha) genre.

It took maybe 100 days for the virus to wipe out seven billion people—most of humanity. Now the world is populated by seven billion ravening, starving zombies. The last significant band of still-human survivors is holed up in the UK, where a freak coincidence had them closing their borders right when it meant the virus spread was minimal enough to be contained. Fifty million souls: the entirety of Humanity.

Hope for the future rests largely on the shoulders of the last remaining Special Forces soldiers (male and female) who survived long enough to reach relative safety. These are the cream of the elite, the baddest asses, the survivors—some of whom fought their way across Europe to get there. Their new purpose? Raid various European biotech and medical sites British intelligence indicates were the closest to finding a cure (or at least a vaccine) before they went under. Get all the data they can grab, and bring it back.

Now, two years into Zulu Alpha? They’re headed across the Atlantic in a surviving USN vessel to face millions of starving zombies in Chicago for maybe the biggest find yet.

I’m through the third book and the Chicago gig is still happening. Everything that could go wrong has, and many of the team thus far have made the ultimate sacrifice. The few remaining survivors are facing impossible odds in their quest to get back with their precious loot.

This is basically military fiction with a zombie twist. There is a shit ton of “hoo rah” factor, and some of the hair-raising escapes from certain death are a bit far-fetched (even for superheroes), but I’m finding the books an easy, enjoyable (and quick, not a pile of pages per volume) read. Perfect guilty pleasure fodder, and I’m already eager to dive into the next installment.

You can get the Kindle version of the first volume at this Amazon link.

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