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Spinland Static Art: Called Out

  • February 19, 2015

So…okay, yeah: I’m something of a science fiction and fantasy geek. I also dig dragons—have you noticed?

In that vein, I think Jedi knights are cool. Since dragons are also cool, why shouldn’t one be allowed to become the other? Thus was born the idea for this piece. I envisioned a dragon-ish Jedi traveling to an inhospitable-looking planet to call out the resident Sith to face justice. The working title, “Called Out” was a fairly obvious pick. For the caption, because I like those to be semi-humorous, I came up with, “Why should mammals have all the fun?”

Called Out

Why should mammals have all the fun?

The dragon, Sith and Jedi spaceship are all individual 3D renders created in Lightwave 3D. The terrain, background, sky, lightsaber blade and most of the lighting effects were created in post-processing using Xara Designer Pro, where the final piece was also composited.

Hope you like it. Please leave comments and critiques below, feel free to share this post around using the easy-peasy button below, and go visit my website at to see some of my animated work.

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