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Spinland Static Art: Negotiation

  • February 6, 2015

Sometimes the idea for an image starts with a caption. Forever etched into geek lore is Yoda’s challenging question, “Judge me by my size, do you?” The implied empowering of someone small and apparently weak resonated strongly with me as a rather non-athletic teen in the heyday of the original Star Wars trilogy.

I wanted to set up a scene where two opponents, one large and obviously powerful and one small and not-so-obvious (anyone who knows anything realizes you don’t muck around with faerie queens: they are bad ass), were facing off on equal footing. Of course, an excuse to inject Yet Another Dragon into a fantasy-themed image was just a personal bonus.

For the scenery I really went all out using Vue. The software makes creating terrain and populating it with trees and grass a very straightforward procedure and the results are first rate. The faerie and the dragon are Lightwave renders composited in after.

I’ve never been completely happy with how the image sells the fact the faerie is hovering at the dragon’s level, not sitting on the ground. Short of adding some sort of sparkly magic cloud under her I never came up with a completely satisfactory approach so, in the end, I elected just to leave well enough alone.


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