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Spinland Static Art: Wake-up Call

  • February 3, 2015

It’s no secret: I dig fantasy themes—especially dragons. Along for the ride are the rest of the typical fantasy elements: castles, knights, faeries. Being a 3D artist gives me somewhat free rein to indulge all the above.

The idea for this piece germinated from the memory of the box cover to an obscure, old board game from many years ago. The main takeaway was a castle about to be attacked by—ta da!—a dragon. While pondering how I was going to approach the concept I decided I wanted an exercise in contrasts: something peaceful and serene, about to be interrupted most unpleasantly. From there, as I usually do, I came up with a defining caption: “Oh, were you planning to sleep in?”

For execution I turned to the very good lighting and atmospheric effects available in Vue, a 3D application geared to outdoor scenes (and used in many a well-known film). I wanted a gentle, golden just-after-dawn look along with some morning mist to sell the atmosphere. It took me several renditions to get the look how I wanted it and then, once I was happy, I added that pesky dragon about to spoil the mood.

Wake-up Call

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