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Spinland Static Art: Pretzel Logic

  • January 31, 2015

In addition to animations I like to create artistic computer-generated static images. I use a wide variety of both 2D and 3D tools in their creation and composite the various elements into the final image.

A while back my friend and creative mentor, Gary David Bouton, tossed an idea at me to see what I would come up with. All he said was, “Pretzel Logic.” Okay, I’m familiar with the excellent Steely Dan album of that name, but I wasn’t immediately ready to theme my concept based on that.

After musing on the phrase for a day or two, I came to realize where I wanted to go: to me it invoked the idea that pure logic, or “straight ahead” thinking might not be what is needed for some goals. From there I came up with a caption, “Because sometimes ‘straight thinking’ just won’t get you there.”

To conceptualize that concept I wanted to show a sort of everyday businessman breaking out of a mundane, grey existence into something magical. The “portal” through which this happens, I decided, would somewhat invoke a pretzel shape in homage to the original theme.

For the “magical” elements I drew on very common fantasy themes: unicorns, castles, and dragons.  The colors in the “mundane” world are deliberately unsaturated and dull.

Pretzel Logic

In terms of construction details the two main figures, as well as the trees, are 3D models rendered in Lightwave. The terrain and sky were created using Vue. The portal, dragon, castle and mundane world are hand drawn vector graphics created with Xara Designer Pro. Primary compositing was done in Photoshop Extended.

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