Golf Rants

Spinny’s Craziest Golfball Lie of 2014

  • October 19, 2014

As the 2014 golfing season winds to a close, it’s time to fondly remember some of the more fun (and/or crazy) times on the course this year. Here’s one: the craziest place a golf ball I hit ended up in 2014. The course was Crestwood Golf Club, my home course. I’m on the 18th hole, a par 5 dogleg right. My tee shot was unremarkable, which for me is good because that means I kept it in play. For my second shot I took out my #5 hybrid, aiming to send it as close to the angle of the dogleg as I could manage. Instead, I shanked it to the right in a low and fast arc. Whack! It hit the trunk of a partially-rotted tree and to my surprise and wonder stuck fast there. Yikes! On the plus side it gave us all a good laugh.

Here’s the lie, and me holding the club I used to do the damage:

Golf ball stuck in tree trunk

Play it as it lies!

It should come as no surprise I took an unplayable. Argh!

How about you? What’s the craziest place one of your golf shots has ended up?

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