Geek Rants

So Much for “Bendgate”

  • September 27, 2014

Sometimes I feel the need to reiterate some simple truths. Anecdotes are not evidence. Hearsay is not evidence, even if put into writing. Empirical data, that can be verified and reproduced by others…that is evidence. It matters not how many billions of people have been fooled into believing your claim: if you cannot provide ample evidence to back it, it has no merit.

Believe it or not (see what I did there?), this morning I’m not even talking about religious claims; rather, the recent “bendgate” bandwagon by the bleating flock of Apple haters quick to rush to judgement based on a pitiful few photographs and unsubstantiated claims. Anecdotes.

Fact: it takes x amount of force directed at specified locations on an iPhone 6 Plus in order to bend it. This cannot be denied and the numbers are there for all to see and verify (and verified they have been). Claim: that amount of force can be applied through seemingly trivial actions such as sitting down with the phone in one’s pocket. That remains to be substantiated. Which pockets, how tight were the pants, how long and how often? Was the force actually applied as claimed? All of that (and more) must be tested and verified before such claims have any merit.

I see how numerous are the “sheeple” quick to jump to conclusions and it’s easier to understand how so many people can also believe so much other unsubstantiated crap.

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