Geek Rants

“Bendgate” Redux

  • September 27, 2014

Heh. Just like conspiracy nutters (you know the ones: 9/11, UFOs, the grassy knoll, chemtrails…) when you definitively refute their current talking point the “bendgate” screamers just move the goalposts. Now that Consumer Reports shows the iPhone 6 Plus is actually LESS bendy than some others, (like the HTC One M8, for example), and is sturdier than many, they’re all: “No! You have to bend it RIGHT HERE! *pointing dramatically to the Fabled Weak Spot of Antioch*

Um…have you looked at the test gear used? The force is applied centrally, and braced at the ends, and then spreads across the WHOLE DEVICE, increasing until bad things happen. If there were such a proverbial glass jaw it would have broken there, and earlier than actually found. Remember: Apple tested the dog poo out of these things, then allowed third parties into their labs to see for themselves, then the tests were independently verified. Consumer Reports has historically been no friend of Apple, and would not have hesitated to raise that as an issue if it existed. I’m still waiting for answer to the question: have any of these anecdotal bending reports ever been independently substantiated as to what actually happened?

Would you please put those goalposts back? Thinking people might need them.

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