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Spinny’s Thoughts on “Smart Watches”

  • September 5, 2014

Why does a “smart watch” even make sense? I’m not 100% sure myself, but I have some ideas. For an analogy: I have a “smart key” for my car. I never have to take it out of my pocket and yet I can lock/unlock the doors of my car as well as start the engine when it’s “on” me. The car even knows when I approach and turns on the interior lights to greet me.

I would look for a wearable gadget to do the same for my phone: reduce the times I need to take it out of my pocket by a large degree. Emails, text messages, calendar (and location-based) notifications…things like that. I might even like to see some navigation ability, but the screen size might make that impractical—in fact, reading an email (much less responding to it) might be difficult on such a screen. I’m curious to see what Apple actually delivers. Yes, I know the Moto just came out, but already it left me meh (and of course I don’t participate in the Android ecosystem so double meh). The “iWatch” (or whatever the hell they call it) won’t get a free pass from me, either. One possible Big Deal? The rumored wireless charging ability. Battery life on the Moto is already drawing howls from reviewers.

Again, we’ll see. I’ll be an interested watcher of the Apple keynote next Tuesday.

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