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Does Networking Make You Feel Sleazy?

  • September 5, 2014

I know that many people have hang-ups related to networking, including fear and self-consciousness. I’m not a huge fan of putting myself out there, either, given my normally-introverted state of mind. It’s taken me years to get to the point where I feel (mostly) comfortable walking up to total strangers, sticking out my hand, and striking up a conversation that’s supposed eventually to lead to what we both do for a living.

It wasn’t until I read an article in Inc. Magazine today that I realized some people’s unease might go even deeper. Here’s the link:

It’s Official: Networking Makes People Feel Sleazy

To quote part of the piece:

“Unlike personal networking in pursuit of emotional support or friendship, and unlike social ties that emerge sxpontaneously, instrumental networking in pursuit of professional goals can impinge on an individual’s moral purity–a psychological state that results from viewing the self as clean from a moral standpoint–and thus make an individual feel dirty.”

Wow, that’s some crazy stuff. I can’t say that I’ve felt this way—at least not consciously. Nervous, feeling unworthy, stuff like that, but not actually unclean. I know there are studies and then there are studies, but this one made me think.

How about you? Do you feel “dirty” when you’re pressing the flesh and promoting yourself?

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