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What Makes Spinny Feel Old

  • June 20, 2014

You know when I start feeling old? When I interact with situations like the “night life scene” and with people into “street” culture. Maybe those aren’t even the right words for it.

Noise and crowds bother the shit out of me. I avoid them whenever possible. When I think of fun live music my image is sitting on a couch where someone with a guitar (acoustic, of course) and a mike is all there is on stage, and you can hear the person next to you talking at a normal volume. Sure, I like to “rock out” to groups like Led Zep—but on my own, in my own space, and the volume is pretty low. I’m that guy complaining about a neighbor’s noise, not the one making it.

The “street” thing I also don’t get. Crooked caps and saggy pants? Straighten out and pull up, man! Making weird signs with your fingers? What the hell is up with that?

So, yeah: contrasting myself to that kind of stuff is what makes me feel old. While I’m at it, all you kids get off my goddamn lawn.

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