Geek Rants

Brief Reflection on the Mac Turning 30

  • January 24, 2014

So, the original Mac turned 30 today.

Honestly? I didn’t use one apart from a brief one-class encounter in one of Ohio State’s computer labs (and it was an assembly language class so we didn’t use any of the graphics).

I was a Commodore guy until I went PC around the 80286 era and DOS 4. Stayed with the PC paradigm through the advent of Windows all the way to Windows 7. In 2009 I’d finally had enough of PCs made with commodity parts and crazy device driver problems screwing with my 3D work and got my first Mac (the 17″ MacBook Pro I’m typing this on right now).

So, while I’ll drink a toast to today’s anniversary it’s not like I’ve been along for the whole ride.

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