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Some of 2010’s Most Interesting Images

  • December 30, 2010

These might not necessarily have been taken in 2010, but that's when I encountered this sort of photography for the first time and these are among the best ones I've seen all year. What better way to ring out the old year and celebrate the coming of the new? Enjoy!

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Review: ZAGGmate Keyboard/Case for the iPad

  • December 26, 2010

Santa Claus, in the guise of my lovely wife, gifted me this year with a great new geek gadget: the ZAGGmate. This is a brushed aluminum case that fits over the front of your iPad, protecting the face and matching the look of the iPad's own back. It comes in two versions, with or without a bluetooth keyboard (mine was a "with") and includes a pop-up piece that props your iPad (either in portrait or landscape mode) for convenient reading either on a typical surface or even in your lap. Here's a sample marketing image from the ZAGG website: As you can see, you end up with an iPad that...

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

  • December 22, 2010

This is making the rounds this year, yet again demonstrating Mark Twain's wisdom: "Please, take care of yourself this Christmas. A recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related. This means that the remaining 77% are caused by assholes that just drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, milk, water, and shit like that. Therefore, beware of those who do not drink alcohol. They cause three and a half times as many accidents. This message is sent by someone who cares about your well being."

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Solstice on the Planet Y00l

  • December 22, 2010

The volatile crust of the planet Y00l would be constantly erupting into fantastic shapes, if not for the crushing gravity that keeps the surface nearly table-flat over the entire planet. Even if there were elevation to speak of, the luminous inhabitants would be unable to climb a slope--and anything resembling a fall would be instantly fatal. Once a planetary revolution, on the shortest day of the year, something wondrous happens: in small, localized pockets, for some reason, the gravity all but vanishes. The soil immediately leaps into the air, forming trunks and branches that would be otherwise...

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The Story of the Nativity–Digital Version

  • December 20, 2010

Angry Birds: Peace Treaty

  • December 9, 2010

To everyone who's frittered away countless hours trying to get that last ratings star...

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