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My Journey to the Dark Side is Complete

  • November 11, 2010

The first iPod was the gateway drug; then came the video iPod--harmless enough. Then I opted for an iPhone when I abandoned my Blackberry; the signs were ominous but I heeded them not. Not long after, my workplace switched us over to the newest 27" iMacs for development; OS X started seeming commonplace. The iPad purchase sealed my doom. Yes, Virginia: I've fallen over the precipice of (gasp) Apple Fanboi-hood. My 17" MacBook Pro is being custom-built as I type this, and I shall soon be placing my Alienware M17x on the market. Know anyone who wants an over-powered monster laptop?

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Signs of Sanity

  • November 4, 2010

So unless you've been living in self-imposed exile you're aware of the Stewart/Colbert rallies recently held in DC. Apart from the standard observation that it's a sad commentary when we're getting comedy from "real" news sources and sanity from comedians, one has to note that there were some damned funny signs displayed that day. Various compilations have been shared around the Intertubes ever since; my personal favorite was gleaned from one such collection. Without further ado...

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Internet Election Coverage

  • November 2, 2010

I've been checking in on how things are going with today's election now and then, visiting all the usual suspects, including the various social media venues. As the day has progressed, I started to detect something odd about the various comments left by readers--a certain commonality seemed to emerge. Hmm... Curious, I did some sleuthing, only to discover the truth: all the comments are coming from the same small group! Imagine that! After further digging, I was able to track down this small but extremely prolific group to their lair; here's a picture:

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