Business Rants

Shooting Craps on Wall Street

  • October 20, 2010

Okay, I admit it: I’m not a stockbroker. My understanding of the market ins and outs is confined to looking glumly at the latest statement from my 401(k). As is probably common among people who don’t understand a complex system, I don’t trust it. Not one bit. My confidence isn’t bolstered by such events as the publication of a recent academic paper that says, basically, that gauging people’s moods from Twitter posts can predict market behavior better than three out of four times.

Um, buh? The stock market can be closely correlated to TWITTER?

Do we really want to place important financial matters in the figurative hands of a system that’s so…well, just plain bonkers?

This comic sums up my feelings about the stability and integrity of the stock market and the majority of the people who play therein (apologies in advance to those who don’t fit this mould, but damn: you sure do rub elbows with some weirdos):

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