Random Rants

Stop Being Afraid!

  • September 27, 2010

I try to avoid getting political here, but sometimes I just gotta. I believe that if a huge subset of Americans bought into the philosophy of this poster, another huge subset of our politicians would suddenly be out of support and then out of a job. They survive by making you afraid and then by getting you to believe they’re going to protect you. Not gonna happen. You’re already safer than anyone in our history and it’s certainly not through their efforts; they wouldn’t know how to protect you if their lives depended on it–and it doesn’t. Make sure you don’t step out in front of a bus, and that removes the greatest threat to your safety you’re going to find in this country.

Just stop listening to the fear-mongering, people!

Fear mongering: just say no!

Poster by Al Haug, discovered thanks to a Facebook post by Alejandra Ospina.

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