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On Finding Gifts for Geeks

  • February 2, 2010

So, Xmas is past but if you had any hard core geeks on your gift list last year I’m betting it was a royal chore finding something “suitable” for them. Tell me, honestly: where do you think that gizmo is now?

My friends, I’m here to make your next foray into geek giftdom an experience you can actually look forward to! It’s obvious that you, unschooled in the ways of geekdom, don’t read the right web comics, so I’m presenting the User Friendly flowchart that will make you a geek’s hero (click image for a larger version):

Flowchart for predicting how your geek gift will be received

Now that you are suitably grateful to have this onerous task lifted from your shoulders, feel free to visit the font of geek wisdom at its source:

User Friendly, The Comic

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