Geek Rants

HTML 5 or XHTML 2?

  • January 15, 2010

Why don’t, instead of working feverishly on competing standards, these web geek gurus get together and come up with a single one that offers the best of both? Can anyone say ego issues?

The graphics display features in HTML 5 are attractive to a graphics geek like moi, but I have to pause: will HTML 5 become such a pile of bloatware that it rivals a Microsoft product? Sure, it’d be nice to be able to post up animations that don’t require proprietary software and plug-ins (I’m talking to you, Flash people), but what part of such displays belong in the realm of content that shouldn’t be in the main standard? I’m not sure, but vastly expanding the markup language seems to me a one-way street leading to aforementioned bloat.

This doesn’t even address the usual bitch about having to worry about what’s becoming two very different markup languages. So web designers need to keep current in both, or does this become a Light Side/Dark Side decision? I personally favor XHTML, mainly because I’m also a coding geek in other languages and I like the alignment with the XML standard. Seems cleaner to me. See “bloat” again, above.

Know what I really think? I believe if there’s a clear winner between the two standards down the road it will be the one the porn industry embraces. Worked before.

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