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  • January 12, 2010

So, one of my favorite time-wasters (especially when golf is out of season) is making “digital art.” I work in 3D and 2D, and use a boat load of different applications to get the effects I want. You might have seen my gallery of past work linked on the left, there, but I really haven’t updated that pile in ages. (Editor’s note: the site has since had a complete make-over and the left hand nav buttons are history. Read further for a current link.)

I have been doing new stuff, however; it’s just over on a page of its own because frankly I’m kind of tired of my existing web site design. The site doesn’t really have any place for showing off Flash animations, for example, and the gallery slideshow format is getting old. I don’t know what I want the new design to look like, and I’m not going to revamp things until I have a plan in place, so for now my new work gets a quickie page. Curious where it is? I thought you’d never ask. Here:

Spinny’s recent artwork

Be advised that for a couple of pieces your browser needs to be able to support Flash animations. How cool is that?

I’ve got some fun new stuff in the works that’ll get posted when ready. At the moment I’m on hold due to my aged graphics computer being on death’s door. It overheats a lot now, and that makes it run slowly when it runs at all–but even when it was in good form its tech is over six years old. Yeah, I know, does it even have a color screen? Heh. Some of the software I’m using now just slays it. Time was, a dual hyperthreading CPU and 128MB of video memory was hot…now it’s so not.

The good news is I have a new rig on the way, arriving this Thursday. Alienware M17x laptop, baby, with quad cores and maxed-out RAM. No more 36-hour render times for a nice cloudscape! I shall have The Ultimate Power! (insert evil laugh here)

Okay, so that’s about all the news outta Spinland for now. Later!

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