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Cyber Monday

  • December 1, 2009

No, not a way to chase away the gloom of the weekend ending by engaging in some hot net sex. Far more interesting: on-line vendors try to have their own version of Black Friday by offering special deals.

So, is it any good?

Mostly, I’d say no. Yeah, I saw some sweet prices on a few items, but a lot of places (I’m thinking) already have prices pared down to the bone as a result of ruthless internet competition, so how low can they really go? Some places offered to toss in an extra or two, but apart from a couple of notable %50 off sales my personal perception was “weak sauce.”

Did I just not shop the right places? Entirely possible. As is my wont when I’m “shopping,” I went out looking for pretty specific items–not interested in having my focus distracted by flashy ads. Impulse-buying on the internet is a recipe for trouble in my godlike opinion.

All the above being said, I did score a few things. I pointed out the notable sale prices, and since they were for things I was already going to get, I jumped. My weakness? Books. That, and instructional videos on things like golfing and 3D modeling. Oh, and new graphics software; that, too. So okay, yeah, I got stuff, and all my cynical snobbery about Cyber Monday is a load of hooey.

What’d you get?

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