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Spinny’s Golf Lessons, part the second

  • August 16, 2009

Round two.

To start with I didn’t feel well prepared for this next lesson. Sure, I had played a few rounds in the interim, but I only got to the range once. It amazed me how much I had already forgotten in just one week. This is going to take a while, I can tell.

I actually came right off a round of nine where the temp was pushing 90 and the humidity was in the “oh, crap” range. I was as wet as though I’d been playing in the rain. I walked the round, but used my push cart so it wasn’t as bad as though I’d been schlepping my bag, too. The two guys I golfed with were both shoulder-strappers, and by the end they were pretty beat. We’re not used to this kind of weather up here!

I arrived at the range an hour early, but the pro was free and was glad to move up my lesson. Yay!

First order of business: hit some balls and see where I was at. Yikes. Over the top and gripping and ripping again. It is to sigh. The golf swing has been all arms for me for so long it’s really going to be hard to take them out of the picture as much as will be necessary. I also wasn’t turning my body enough on the back swing and the club was way too high back there. We went back to the feet-together drill and I loosened up some and started getting more body turn into it. He also added the drill where I stand on my lead foot only, with my trailing foot behind me toe to the ground. Then he stuck some slanted rods into the ground on either side of me, and I worked on taking full swings without hitting either one–I had to be below the back one and above the front one. I actually caught on to that fairly quickly.

Once I was taking a decent swing plane again, he had me start rotating my forearms through body-turn part of the swing. I didn’t start nearly soon enough at first, but got better over time. His goal right now is for me to hit hooks, every time. He feels that once I can consistently hook the ball he can work on straightening out the ball flight. I’m far from there yet, and my plans to get to the range on Friday were overcome by work-related events, but I pushed my next lesson off until Thursday to give me more time to work in some practice. It doesn’t help the nearest ranges to me are about a half-hour’s drive away from my house. Oh, well.


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