Golf Rants

Stupid Golf Rule of the Day

  • July 4, 2009

Okay, I understand golf can be a complicated game, and lots of weird things can happen. Still, that being said, every now and then I come across something in the Rules or Rulings that really stands out as “WTF?” Here’s an example:

25-1b/23 Ball Enters Burrowing Animal Hole Out of Bounds and Comes to Rest in Bounds

Q. The entrance to a burrowing animal hole is out of bounds, but most of the burrow is in bounds under the course. A ball enters the hole from out of bounds and comes to rest in bounds under ground classified as through the green. What is the procedure?

A. Under Rule 25-1b, the player may drop the ball, without penalty, within one club-length of the point on the ground directly above its position in the burrow. In such cases, vertical distance is disregarded in applying the Rules.

How many times has this happened in YOUR round? Yeah, I thought so. The worst thing is, they don’t even attempt to cover the case where the animal residing in the burrow takes exception to your groping hand and locks on with sharp, shiny teeth! What’s the procedure then, pray tell?

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