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Review: “Swami 1500” Golf GPS by Izzo

  • July 17, 2009

You've probably heard it a thousand times: "I never win anything." Well, I don't--until a couple of weeks ago. I was on Twitter and happened to see a "re-tweet" about a short-term contest being run by the fine folks at Rankmark: sign up for their discussion forum in the next hour and have a chance to win a "Swami 1500" golf GPS from Izzo. Well, I trotted on over, signed up, and got lucky! Haven't heard of Rankmark? They're world-famous for their in-depth hands-on reviews and tests of golf clubs. They cover all perspectives, even those of the high handicapper (like moi) and their articles are outstanding....

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Stupid Golf Rule of the Day

  • July 4, 2009

Okay, I understand golf can be a complicated game, and lots of weird things can happen. Still, that being said, every now and then I come across something in the Rules or Rulings that really stands out as "WTF?" Here's an example: 25-1b/23 Ball Enters Burrowing Animal Hole Out of Bounds and Comes to Rest in Bounds Q. The entrance to a burrowing animal hole is out of bounds, but most of the burrow is in bounds under the course. A ball enters the hole from out of bounds and comes to rest in bounds under ground classified as through the green. What is the procedure? A. Under Rule 25-1b, the player...

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